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Face Moisturizer - Day & Night Face Moisturizer

Face Moisturizer - Day & Night Face Moisturizer

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Nourishing day & night face moisturizer - Super fruit with Bakuchiol

For dry or mature skins

Our super fruit face cream has been made to moisturize the skin deeply while leaving it looking glows and healthy.

Made from grapefruit and apple fruit water, this moisturizer is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It also contains mango butter, apricot oil and pomegranate seed oil: these powerful natural ingredients combined together will provide a wonderful hydration and improve skin suppleness. Finally, we added Bakuchiol, a natural compound that helps improve skin brightness, prevent blemishes and skin aging.

With cucumber, melon and passion fruit extracts, our cream will charm your senses with its delicate and refreshing fruity scent. 

The majority of moisturizers on the market contain water as a filler which offers no benefit to the skin, but our super fruit face moisturizer is not water based and is, instead, made from powerful ingredients with multiple benefits for all skin types leaving the skin moisturized, glowing and healthy.

45 ml

KEY  INGREDIENTES:  Grapefruit water: Detoxifying, refines the pores and make the skin glow.

Apple fruit water: Full of antioxidants, apple fruit water is anti inflammatory and prevents skin aging.

Mango seed butter: This very rich butter is nourishing and non-comedogenic: it will penetrate the skin quickly and let the skin breathe in order to prevent blemishes.

Pomegranate seed oil: It will moisturize and protect the skin while stimulating cell regeneration.

Bakuchiol: Natural compound (replacing retinol) that helps improve skin brightness, prevent blemishes and skin aging.

Kiwi fruit extract: Full of Vitamin C, kiwi extract brightens the complexion.

Maca extract: This ingredient stimulates collagen production and makes the complexion looking glowy and healthy.

This product is designed and made in Quebec. We only use the finest natural ingredients that provide the most benefits for the skin and our products are always cruelty-free.

HOW TO USE:  After cleansing your face and applying your face mist, take a small amount of the Floral face moisturizer and apply it to the face and neck in circular motions.

Made in Quebec, Canada


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